Gedan-Barai Block: Everything You Need Know

Gedan-Barai Block

Martial art is an art of fighting or combating two opponents. The purpose of this fight is to physically defeat the opponent and defend yourself from threats. Martial arts have a positive purpose. You have theories and beliefs to follow. Famous people like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee have been seen portraying the Gedan-Barai martial moves. 

There are different types of martial arts; they also have different underlying theories and beliefs. Many martial arts have been used as competitive sports. They are in the category of combat sports, such as taekwondo, karate, and judo.

What is Gedan-Barai?

Karate Gedan Barai - How to do a proper Low block - Downward Block

Gedan-Barai, or blockade, is one of the most used karate techniques in the karate dojo.

How to perform Gedan-BaraiThis technique should be practiced first in shizentai (natural posture), with the feet around the width of the shoulders and the toes forward.

1. Extend your left arm downward and outward so that the back of your fist points upward and is at a distance of four to five fists in front of your left thigh.

2. The right arm or hikite arm should be placed at the bottom of the ribs, with the palm up and the elbow down slightly, with both shoulders down and relaxed.

3. Raise your right fist to your left shoulder, keeping your right arm as close to your body as possible. The palm of the right fist should face the neck.

4. When you begin to slide your right wrist out of your left arm, bring your left arm toward the center of your body.

5. When the right fist reaches the left elbow, start pulling the left hikite arm toward the left side of the body.

6. The back of the right forearm is the part of the arm that blocks. Just before the right arm reaches full extension, rotate the right forearm tightly so that the palm of the right wrist is facing down. At the same time, the hikite (traction arm) left arm also rotates and stops on the left side of the body, exactly at the same time as the locking arm.

Gedan-Barai’s Tips and Practices 

As you prepare to lock, try to focus on getting your elbow around your body tightly, and then as you lock it, push your elbow down and forward. Try to stay relaxed until the block falls, then kime! Exhale sharply and squeeze your muscles, as soon as you squeeze your muscles, relax your muscles, but keep your shape.

What Martial Arts Practice this Block

Distinctive designs in the martial arts, including karate has Shotokan, Wado Ryu, Shotokai, Goju, Kyokushinkai, Shorin Ryu, Shorin Ji Kempo, as well. What makes them different? The way you kick, the way you hit, train concepts are some of the elements that make them different.

In addition to strength, martial arts require students to develop endurance and speed. Resistance gives you the power of permanence to perform during prolonged combat, rolls over and over, and launches one hundred or more techniques in a row. Speed allows you to evade an oncoming opponent, block a punch or kick and develop enough power to execute a long and impressive flying shot.

Endurance and speed are great substitutes for power. Since women lack strength, they can compensate for strength and speed. I saw little girl dance circles around their male opponents and get the last blow or kick as their exhausted partner was too tired to block it.

Common exercises for increasing stamina include running in place as you lift your knees as high as possible, running back and forth on the ground as you throw strokes and kicks, and a number of lock-punch combinations.

During these exercises, instructors, in their eagerness to get students to perform better, often count faster than students can. This is a common practice among instructors designed to push students to their full speed. From time to time you can keep up; Often you will not.

You should not get frustrated. Just look around. You will most likely do better than many others.

Speed is also about time. The speed of reaction development allows energy savings and fast yields. Avoiding an imminent technique or jumping out of your way allows you to prepare for a tracking technique. If you were to block the approach technique, it would take longer to prepare for a follow-up technique.

In addition to strength, endurance and speed, it is expected to increase its flexibility. But unlike endurance and speed exercises, flexibility exercises are slow. Deliberate long stretches prevent muscles and ligaments from tearing and training your body to perform aesthetically pleasing shapes and techniques.

Leg stretching is one of the most common forms of exercise to improve flexibility. But as stated above, you do not need to be able to perform perfect split to excel in martial arts. Although you are expected to work to improve your ability to master a division, do not let the instructor or someone force you to do something that your body resists.

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Tips Before Practicing Martial arts

But before engaging yourself in Martial arts, some things need to be considered. The following are the tips to keep in mind when participating in martial arts.

Ask your doctor if you can practice martial arts. Most people with weak hearts and strength are not recommended to join this activity.

Ask yourself if you are capable of doing this. Can you be seen performing the techniques?

Expect a big budget for equipment. If you can’t afford it, you can borrow from friends who practice martial arts.

Choose a martial art style that you like. There are hardstyle and a soft style. You can also try participating in many martial arts if you love it.

You may also consider the interest of the culture in which you grew up. If you want to respect the interest of your culture, participate in a martial art that your ancestors went through.

Consider how effective martial art is. Can you use it during self-defense? Or just the art of fighting?

Does your martial arts club environment suit you as a person? Are they having healthy competition?

Above all, you should check your teacher’s ability. Is this person legible to teach you? Your academic qualifications or positions do not matter, as long as you are a qualified expert who can train people safely and properly.

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