3 Easy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques For Newbies & Pros

BJJ Techniques

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a potent martial art. It emphasizes on movements which immobilize the opponent. This the reason that people who master the techniques in BJJ are a good match for adversaries even larger than them. We going over 3 Jiu-Jitsu techniques suitable for pros and newbies.

To learn techniques in BJJ, what you need is clear instruction and practical knowledge on when and how to use them. Today we will give you this information. This article will talk about BJJ techniques in a very detailed manner. What are we waiting for? let’s move on and get learning!

Rolling and Breaking A Fall

All BJJ beginners are required to study the art of rolling and breaking. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, expect that you will experience lots of take-downs and throws.

If you do not learn this technique, a simple throw will seriously hurt you. In BJJ, rolling and breaking teaches you how to fall properly without risking injury.

You can perform this technique by doing the following steps below:

  • Step 1: Start by putting your body in a standing position with one side of your body (either left or right) leaning forward.
  • Step 2: Bend down to a position where both of your hands can touch the floor or mat. Remember that your knees must also be bent a little bit while doing this
  • Step 3:Pass your left arm between your legs and tuck your chin down. Your weight must be supported by the legs and the right arm. Begin to lean forward with your head facing toward the direction of your left leg.
  • Step 4:Push off with your legs, then roll your lead shoulder. Remember that your head must be tucked in while doing this. Also, the body must not be tensed as you’re rolling.
  • Step 5: As you roll over to your back, your rear arm will come forward. Use this arm to slap the mat or the floor. Your slap must be as hard as the roll. Slapping the mat is the classical finish to this technique. Remember that whenever you get thrown, this must be the position that you must land.

This technique is applicable whenever your opponent manages to throw you. The roll must be fast so that your opponent won’t get on top of you as you’re performing this technique.

Remember that as you’re rolling, your body must be relaxed so that it absorbs all the impact from being thrown about.

Offensive Hip Throw (Basic Hip Throw)

In Jiu-Jitsu and MMA, the basic hip throw is one of the most popular techniques used by professionals to take down and put opponents into submission. Professionals love this because it can be used in many ways. Also, it is very to easy to perform.

You can perform this technique by doing the following steps below:

  • Step 1: Start by quickly moving forward to grab your opponent’s elbow.
  • Step 2: Make sure that you have a firm grip on your opponent’s arm. Once you have a firm hold, pull the arm in tight to your body.
  • Step 3: Move around to the opposite side of the arm that you’ve grabbed, then throw your free arm around your opponent’s waist. Make sure that you’re doing this in a tight clinch position so that your opponent won’t have the chance to break free and hit you.
  • Step 4: Place both of your feet in front of your opponent’s. Take note that your feet must be in relative position with your opponent’s feet. This means that your feet and your opponent’s feet must face the same direction.
  • Step 5:Start to lift your opponent and the arm around your opponent’s waist should be used to bring him down to his hip. The efficiency of the lift can be improved by straightening your legs. Remember to do this in one gentle motion. You’ll know that you’ve mastered this technique if you manage to throw your opponent without feelings of heaviness and fatigue.

The offensive hip throw is applicable during matches where you and your opponent are holding each other. While you’re holding him, always try to get a hold to one of his elbows if you’re planning to execute this.

Quickly move on his opposite side and put your arm around his waist. Before you throw him about, make sure that you’re positioned perfectly for you to utilize the maximum force available. Once he’s down, you may then mount him and shower your punches.

Front Collar Choke

The front collar choke is one of the most efficient BJJ techniques to force an opponent into submission during sparring and competition.

This technique utilizes your opponent’s collar to their disadvantage. Also, you can use this technique in a street fight to render your attacker unconscious.

You can perform this technique by doing the following steps below:

  • Step 1: Grab the right side of your opponent’s collar using your left hand. If you’re planning to grab the left collar of your opponent, then you should do it using your right hand.
  • Step 2:Once you’ve successfully grabbed your opponent’s left collar, try to open it very wide. After doing this, start to slip your right hand towards your opponent’s left lapel. Make sure that it goes deep inside, all the way back to your opponent’s neck. Also, don’t forget that your right palm must face upwards while doing this.
  • Step 3: After securing your right hand on your opponent’s neck, pass your left hand under your right arm and grab a firm hold of his right lapel. Again, put your left hand deep inside reaching all the way to back to your opponent’s neck,
  • Step 4: Both arms now should be crossed in an “X” position resembling the shape of a scissor. You are now in a perfect position to begin the strangle. Start the strangle by closing your hands into a fist and rotating them towards each other. This presses your wrist bones around the carotid arteries located in your opponent’s neck. Doing so will restrict blood flow towards the brain leading to unconsciousness
  • Step 5: There is an even better way to do step 4. Instead of strangling him at arm’s length, you may try to pull your opponent towards your chest. After this, begin the strangle by pulling down your elbows and rotating your fists towards each other. Doing this is better than the previous one because your opponent will not be able to defend as you’re choking him.

The collar choke is a perfect follow up after you’ve made your opponent dizzy using a kick or punch.

All you have to do is grab him by his collars, put your arms in opposite directions around his neck, and then strangle him in an arms-length or in close range by pulling him close to your chest. Doing this will cut the supply of oxygen in his brain which results in a definitive surrender.

The three techniques here are the easiest to learn and perform. Even they’re for beginners, professionals love the techniques listed above because they have various practical uses.

Rolling and breaking is a handy technique for defending against damage from throwing and works great for repositioning.

The offensive hip throw is useful for dominating opponents quickly or to open up the chance to mount them. Lastly, the front collar choke is best for rendering the opponent unconscious.

Start your BJJ career by learning the techniques we mentioned! if you learn something new in this Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques article, then let us know by sharing it.

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