7 Deadly Taekwondo Kicks

Taekwondo Kicks

Taekwondo is highly efficient in equipping you with self-defense skills. You can play sport professionally or to maintain perfect physical and mental health. Among the lethal techniques of the sport are the Taekwondo kicks. The list below includes top taekwondo kicks that you can learn at home or under the supervision of qualified trainers.  

Roundhouse kick

The roundhouse kick gets used in most Taekwondo tournaments and training sessions. You start by bringing the back leg up while you tuck the leg in. You can proceed to turn your body to face the opposite direction at an angle of 180 degrees. Turn from your starting point, release the leg for a kick, and tuck it in once more before returning the leg to the starting position. 

When you execute it correctly, the roundhouse kick generates lots of power and momentum of your body, turning from the hips. You can land the kick on the chest or face of your opponent or attacker. The kick can knock out your opponent if landed accurately with the required force. 

The roundhouse kick gets used by Taekwondo students from different parts of the universe. Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee used the move in several movie scenes. Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat have adopted the roundhouse kick as a tribute to Bruce Lee. 

Side Kick

The sidekick is a powerful kick in Taekwondo. To land the kick, you should start in your basic fighting posture. Put your leg up with the knee facing the other side. You should assume a position that appears like you are to deliver a front snap kick. Deliver the kick with the toes facing up while the heel points at your target.

The sidekick is powerful and efficient in eliminating your opponent or protecting yourself. If landed accurately with the right amount of force, you can easily knock out your opponent. You can also use the sidekick as a defensive kick while sparring. The kick uses the momentum of your body and that of an attacking opponent to keep you safe.

The sidekick features in Hollywood movies and other motion pictures from across the globe. Bruce Lee used the kick in his films, including ‘Enter the Dragon’ in which he takes a few steps as he prepares to land the kick at the 2:15 mark. The sidekick sends his opponent flying 

Back Kick

The back kick is also known as the turn sidekick in other settings. The kick requires you to use the back of your leg and heels. You have to turn your body for about 180 degrees to gain full momentum and speed needed to make the kick lethal.

With the back kick, you are utilizing the back of your feet and heels to attack your opponent. You can also use the back kick as a powerful counter-attack while sparring. With the right speed, you can hit your opponent and retract your leg before the opponent grabs you by the leg.

The back kick has gained continued prominence for its efficiency in attacking and counter-attacking. The kick has been used in several tournaments, including during the Quebec National Taekwondo Championship held in Canada. Both Ville- Nueve, and Clermont used the back kick at the tournament.

Front Kick

The front kick also delivers a significant impact when delivered accurately. When administering the kick, you need to transfer about three-quarters of your weight supported by the resting foot. The kick aims at the chest cavity and the head of an opponent.

The front kick is one of the top taekwondo kicks that you can use in self-defense situations. You can use the kick to keep your opponent at a safe distance before delivering a timely knockout. Perfecting the kick also improves your skills in delivering side and roundhouse kicks.

The front kick is rarely used in sparring but is an essential skill for Taekwondo students. However, the kick has been used in several movies over time. The notable films include the Taekwondo kid, Drunken Monkey, and Enter the Dragon.

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Axe Kick

The Axe kick is one of the top taekwondo kicks that are used during sparring. The kick is more basic yet very lethal if landed correctly. The kick requires a little bit of speed and flexibility from the front splits to be highly efficient. The axe kick or hammer kick involves a downward or upward kick with the leg maintaining a straight posture.

Users of the kick need timing and precision to outdo an opponent that might dodge the kick easily. When landed correctly on the chin, head, or other intended parts of the body, the axe kick can cause immense pain. The axe kick can also be used to supplement front split exercises. The kick can break the neck, permanent disability, or even death.

The Axe kick widely features in the movies and martial art tournaments. Andy hug won the hearts of many fans with his continued use of the kick to knock out the best of fighters. The axe kick is commonly used in Kyokushin tournaments.

Hook Kick

The hook kick is an efficient kick that requires precision to reduce injuries. The kick is deceptive as you attack your opponent at the most unexpected point. The kick appears like a missed roundhouse kick aiming at the side of the head with the heel. You need to be highly flexible in opening your legs apart to land the hook kick effectively.

The kick allows you to attack simultaneously with a single kick. If the opponent shields the roundhouse kick, you can immediately land a hook kick with your heel to the side of the head or other target areas. The kick can break the skull, damage nerves, and interrupt blood flow to the brain

The hook kick is used in “Enter the Dragon” by Bruce Lee while dueling O’Hara. Bruce uses the hook kick and its variations to outdo O’hara easily. After landing a timely hook kicks, Bruce knocks out O’hara with a front hook kick.

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Push Kick

The push kick is more of a linear kick that aims above the waist and specifically the chest area. The kick combines a thrust with snap to deliver a powerful kick. The foot makes contact with the target area at the heel of sole of the feet. 

The kick is aimed above the waist towards the chest area. The opponent suffers a significant blow on the stomach or chest areas that are quite delicate. With the right timing and precision, the deadly kick can crush the rib cage, puncture lungs, stop the heart, or death if the victim does not get immediate healthcare and attention.

The push kick was promoted to fame by Bruce Lee. The move has gained prominence in the movie scenes and other training sessions. Tony Jaa uses the stunt correctly with a blend of Muay Thai in the Ong Bak movie released in 2003.

The taekwondo kicks highlighted above are lethal to the opponent when landed accurately. However, the performer of the move can also suffer severe injuries in case the kick gets administered wrongly. As you sharpen your skills, you should seek the guidance of a qualified trainer.

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