Basic Rules of Taekwondo to Learn

Taekwondo rules

One of the most interesting games that I enjoy watching even if I don’t participate in is taekwondo. Taekwondo is classified among martial art games mainly practiced in Korea, but other than being majorly famous among the Korean culture, this game is also included in Olympics. So, it is a game that is recognized worldwide. Let’s discuss how Taekwondo rules differ for this sport.

Being a game that involves kickings there are sets of rules that the participants need to follow to avoid disqualification or elimination from the game. The safety of the participants should be of paramount considering the game is all about kicking each other. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the top rules of taekwondo that you should learn about.

1. The Participants Should Be Equal

The participants from the opposing teams should be equal in terms of height, weight, and even sex. Unlike other matches like boxing where the opponents can have different physical features, this game is quite different.

The equality of the competitors is emphasized to ensure both the participants can easily reach each other when kicking and to avoid kicking each other in the wrong areas. Also, whether it is a tournament or a real game, the participants should be members of the same gender.

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2. The Score Win Rules

How does one emerge a winner in taekwondo? Well, it is very simple. The number of kicks that you throw to your opponent determines your wins.

The game generally comprises of around 3 rounds and each round lasts for only 3 minutes plus a minute for rest in between the rounds. So, to be a winner on each round, you have to throw as many kicks as possible on your opponent without missing.

Note that the person who scores the most kicks on all the three rounds is reported to be the winner.

Other scoring rules

Apart from scoring the most kicks, other playing tactics win a person points on this game include;

  • If you kick the opponent on the chest area, that is counted as a point
  • If you kick the opponent around the head and the neck area, you are awarded two points
  • Trunk kicks earns you two points
  • If you manage to knock down your opponent then you earn a total of 3 points. Turn kicking on trunk earns one three points. Note that in this case, you have to have the opponent whole body on the ground apart the feet
  • Turning kick to head earns one four points

3. The Penalty Rules

Just like any other games, taekwondo has the rules that guarantee penalties if the players fail to adhere to them. These rules include;

  • The players should always remain within the field and should not step on the borderlines or outside the borderlines
  • You should not hold or grab your opponent in the middle of the match. Note that this entails whether when kicking your opponent, or when blocking the kicks thrown by the opponent.
  • Also, you should not deliberately pull your opponent to the ground
  • One should not inflict any injuries on the opponent especially when using the prohibited playing tricks
  • One should not attack the opponent using hands or any other part of the body as this may cause a disqualification.

This is the only game where the players are supposed to use feet in playing and competing with their opponents.

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4. Winning Rules

Taekwondo is quite different when it comes to determining the winner because the verdict is determined by the number of kicks that one throws towards their opponent. But, if the opponents have a draws in scores, the judges may advise for an additional round to determine the winner. This mainly applies to the professional matches.

The person who scores more kicks on the additional rounds is announced as the winner of the match.

Other reliable ways used in determining the winner in the case of a draw;

  • All the scores of the players before any penalty is issued are counted and the person who emerges with the most scores is announced the winner.
  • By determining the person who was more determined throughout the game. Note that this decision is only done by the referees. So, based on how the players performed on the arena, the referee chooses the person with the highest determination or highs attempts to kick the opponent.
  • If all the above options do not work, the game may be judged based on the person who managed to knock the opponent on the ground. If a participants kick his or her opponent on the ground whereby he /she stays on the ground for about 10 seconds then he/she is announced as the winner of the game.

5. Wear Protective Gears

Considering this game involves the opponents throwing kicks on each other, you need to make sure that you wear the right protective gear. One should wear a helmet and chest pad that runs all round to the back area.

Why? The upper body parts are the major targeted areas when playing this match; also these are technically the most sensitive areas to receive a blow; hence, the need to protect them

Taekwondo is a fun and great game as long as you entirely master the rules of the game. There are various rules that you need to follow in the arena and when dealing with the opponent.

Note that injuries are bound to happen in such games but you can prevent injuries on sensitive areas like the head and chest by wearing protective gears. You can also wear teeth guard to prevent your teeth from injuries.

The number of kicks you throw when playing taekwondo is a crucial thing you need to look out for since the can help improve your winning chances.

As seen earlier, in some cases the kicks that the players throw are used to determine the winner. This is a game that requires a lot of practice especially in mastering the right spot to kick your opponent. So, if you plan to venture to taekwondo as a professional game, consider hiring a professional trainer to guide you.

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